Saturday, 28 December 2013

Isadora in Beijing - Part 2

Hello everybody!! It's me again -- Isadora! What a lovely evening -- let me sit down and share with you more of my holiday pictures! 

Can you see what my Aunty Roro is doing here? Yes! She is feeding me some sausage! The hotel we were staying at gave us breakfast every morning. A lot of it was really oily. We ate tons of hard-boiled eggs.

Here's Aunty Roro offering me some cereal.

I was super excited to visit the Great Wall! We had to take a cable car up. That was so much fun.

And here I am at the Great Wall! It was really magnificent! The Wall was built more than 2,000 years ago and is 5,500 miles long! That is really long! I've read though that the Wall is getting shorter bit by bit because of natural erosion and all the human activity. Of course we can't do much about nature, but people can be more careful, like not taking bricks!

Here I am at the Summer Palace! It is a royal park built in 1750. Isn't it lovely?

Here I am sitting by Kunming Lake and thinking about my dolly life.

I am imagining the Dowager Empress Cixi being rowed along the lake. That day the lake was iced over though, so maybe she went skating.

Here I am with a qilin -- a mythical creature that symbolises peace and prosperity. He looks friendly, don't you think?

Then, we went to the Forbidden City! This was the Chinese imperial palace for almost 500 years! You have to get tickets to go in. Here you can see how big the place is and how crowded it was.

Here I am standing outside one of the palace doors. Isn't is pretty? I sort of match it.

This is a dragon water spout! There were many of them to help prevent flooding.

And here I am inside one of the garden pavilions.

Next we visited the Beijing Museum of Natural History! The museum covers the evolution of organisms and the development of life on Earth. Here I am with some dinosaur bones!

This guy shows the stage after coming out of the water and developing legs. He looks happy.

Here I am talking with a dinosaur! Yes, they actually moved. Go animatronics!

The museum had a really huge collection of stuffed and preserved animals and things. I think this is a yak. All the signs in the museum were in Chinese only, and my Chinese isn't that great yet.

Here I am with a whole bunch of bugs.

And here I am on our last day there -- waaaaaaaaaaaah.

I sat at the hotel window as long as I could while mommy packed up everything.

Here I am in the airport.

And here I am on the plane. I was already thinking about where I'd like to go next!

Well, I hope you liked my pictures! You can see more pictures of our trip here. Enjoy the rest of your holidays and see you again real soon! Bye!!


  1. Haha.. Another lovely post! So cute. The photos are wonderful. What a unique and charming idea to have Isadora be the host on your trip. I bet she had just as much fun as you. A blessed 2014 to you!

  2. I really loved all these pictures! Isadora you had a lot of fun! What a great adventure! Give a big hug to everyone from me ;o) Happy New Year ;o)

  3. Isadora you are very photogenic and you sure put a smile on my face when I read you were thinking about your 'dolly life' kisses to you, your mommy Becky, your auntie Ro and your grandma from your auntie Claudia! oops and your uncle!

  4. I think I am getting quite attached to Isadora. I hope you will show us more photos of her and her daily adventures :D

  5. These are quite wonderful pictures, you are a marvellous photographer :)) I hope you have a beautiful week :) xx


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