Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My Sylvanian Chronicles

Hello! How are you? Have you been busy with school and games and going places? I have been quite busy doing all those things! But now I have some time to write the next chapter of my Sylvanian Chronicle story!

Do you remember what happened in the last chapter? Go read it if you've forgotten, but I hope you didn't!


After meeting with the fairies and getting the special Invisibility potion, the Sylvanians went home to their village. Everyone in the village was very excited to see them, but Mr Owl reminded them that they had to whisper because they didn't know where the thief was and if he or she was listening. After a lot of talking in the bathroom, Mr Pete Postman, Mr Sheep and Mr Rabbit said they were willing to take the potion and wait that night for the thief. Mr Owl and Mr Walnut Cat were still a little tired from their long journey, but they wanted to take part too.

After dinner that evening, Mr Postman, Mr Sheep, Mr Rabbit, Mr Owl and Mr Walnut Cat put their hot chocolate water bottles in their pockets, and each took three teaspoons of the magic potion. It tasted very good, just like Hatshepsut had said it would. It tasted like whatever happened to be the drinker's favourite food.

Mr Postman said the potion tasted like blackberry pie covered in honey. Mr Sheep said it tasted like grass pudding with alfalfa hay topping. Mr Rabbit said it tasted like grape and muesli salad. Mr Walnut Cat said it tasted just like salmon-and-cheese pie. Mr Owl said it tasted like a combination of small rodents, but everyone told him to be quiet.

As soon as the flavours disappeared from their tongues, the four Sylvanians started fading like mist until they completely vanished. They couldn't even see each other! They kept bumping into each other until Mr Sheep whispered that they should form a conga line till they reached the courtyard.

So Mr Postman held on to Mr Sheep's shoulders, Mr Rabbit held on to Mr Postman's shoulders, and Mr Walnut Cat held onto his shoulders, while Mr Owl perched on Mr Walnut Cat's arm. Mr Sheep kept wanting to do the three shuffle steps of the conga dance, but Mr Walnut Cat said now was not the time.

When they reached the courtyard, they let go of each other and went to the spots they had said they would wait. You can see the courtyard is dark and looks empty, but it's not! Mr Rabbit waited at the stew counter, Mr Sheep waited by the babies' train, and Mr Postman and Mr Walnut Cat waited on the chairs. Mr Owl said he would wait on the food trays and Mr Rabbit said they'd better disinfect them before lunch.

sylv nite1a

The five of them waited for a long time. They heard the school clock chime midnight, then one o'clock. They had never stayed up so late before! All the other Sylvanians had already gone to bed because everyone knows you need a good night's sleep, at least eight hours.

Then suddenly, right after the clock chimed two, there came a little slithering sound from the top of Babblebrook Grange. It slid all the way down the side of the house and plopped right into the middle of the courtyard. The sound was very small and gentle, like a soft pillow. But it was too dark for the waiting Sylvanians to see clearly who was making the sound. They waited with bated breath!

Suddenly, the sound went to the courtyard fountain, and turned it on! And there, by the rainbow lights of the fountain, the Sylvanians saw the intruder!

sylv nite2a

Quick as a wink, the waiting Sylvanians grabbed their water bottles and gulped down their hot chocolate. Immediately, they began to reappear like a mist until they were completely solid and visible again.

"You there! Halt!" called out Mr Walnut Cat in his fiercest voice, jumping up on his bench. "You are surrounded!" added Mr Owl, flapping his wings.

The intruder jumped, and turned around. The Sylvanians were so surprised! It was a big orange cat! Not a Sylvanian cat though, but a cat from the Outside World! It had large pointy ears and the biggest, greenest eyes the Sylvanians had ever seen. Mr Walnut Cat felt a little anxious. Would the strange cat pounce on him? Would he know the right cat dialect to speak? Was it shedding into the fountain?

sylv nite3a

Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

sylv nite6a

(And in this picture you can see that not all the Sylvanians went to bed on this exciting night!)

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